Our Services

When you first contact us, our operations manager will listen to your concerns and will be able to recommend a bespoke course of action. Our team will keep you up to date with all developments, and you will also receive a full report, and evidence if required, upon the conclusion of the investigation.


We are able to create a plan specific to your needs. Unmanned or static surveillance (for example, of a property), can help capture evidence to prove co-habitation of an ex-partner following a separation or divorce. It can also be used in cases involving vandalism, theft or fly-tipping. Directed surveillance will track the movements and interactions of a person over a period of time; photographs and video-footage are also obtained during this time. All surveillance in conducted ethically, and within the confines of the law.

Counter Surveillance

If you suspect that you are being watched or followed, or that your business is being infiltrated, we can use counter surveillance to detect any other surveillance team which may be tracking you. This is done covertly and is extremely effective. We can identify anyone that we detect, and provide you with information and advice.

Matrimonial Investigations

If you feel that your partner may be hiding something from you, we can help you obtain the facts about their behaviour. Whether you suspect that they may be cheating on you, or have a secret from their past, we can employ a range of methods to give you answers, and confirm or disprove any doubts you may have.

Child Protection

Are you concerned that your child(ren) may not be receiving the best care in your absence, from your ex-partner or another caregiver? Or are you worried that your child is engaging in anti-social behaviour, influenced by others? We are able to help with these concerns using unobtrusive, discreet surveillance. The evidence that we provide to you may then be used in custody or court hearings.

Employee Investigations

Sometimes it is necessary for an employer to undertake an investigation into one or more employees:

Employee Absenteeism: (also known as employee sickness), If you have an employee claiming sick pay, but doubt the legitimacy of this, we are able to use various covert surveillance techniques to provide you with evidence to support or refute ‘unacceptable absenteeism’.

Employee theft: Protecting your business from theft is always a priority, but when you suspect that an employee is stealing from your business, this can be extremely difficult to prove. Using hidden technical devices, combined with surveillance and other covert methods, we can unearth the culprit within your staff.

People Tracing

Tracing is a service which helps you to find and reconnect with people, often from your past, or in connection to a debt. If there are family members with whom you have lost touch, we can trace their whereabouts and provide you with contact details. If you are a creditor with a legitimate interest in tracing your debtor, we are also able to assist you in this. We have access to a wide range of databases and this, combined with a number of techniques, gives us a very high success rate.

Insurance Fraud

If you are an insurer and suspect someone of making a false insurance claim, we can investigate if the claim is genuine or not. Using covert surveillance and video evidence, we can expose fraudulent claims, or provide you with evidence to pursue a more appropriate settlement.

Bug Sweeping

This bespoke service will detect the presence of any hidden electronic devices installed, for example, in your business premises, home or car. Our team of experts will be able to find and remove all devices, including cameras, GPS tracking devices and audio recorders, so that you can maintain your privacy.

Technical & Hidden Device Installation

Using our expertise in this field, we can advise the best way in which state of the art devices can be used to capture evidence. GPS tracking devices, placed on vehicles will monitor a subject’s movements, and hidden cameras and audio recorders record any activity in a specific area, either indoor or outdoor. We can also place fixed security cameras, these are not hidden but often act as a deterrent against acts of vandalism or theft. We examine each case individually to ensure that you receive optimum results from the selected devices.

Process Serving

We will deliver your documents efficiently and professionally to the recipient, attending up to 3 times to maximise the chance of a successful serve. Documents handled include(but not limited to) summons or claims, court orders, N39 order to attend court, divorce petition and statutory demands.

Background Checks

These can be for commercial or personal reasons. You may wish to find out about the employment history or criminal record of a potential employee, or verify professional qualifications. Or, if you are considering taking the next step with a new partner, you may wish to learn more about their financial history, or past relationships, before entering into marriage, or purchasing a home together. We can use various investigative techniques to provide you with peace of mind.

Physical Penetration Testing

If you have a business that is a high-security risk, you may have taken steps to secure your business against intruders. We can test these measures, using a team of skilled operatives, to highlight any weak areas in your security system, either technological or human. Our objective is to gain entry to your premises or to sensitive material stored therein. If we are successful in this, we can also recommend updates to your security to ensure that you are better protected.


Discretion is of the utmost importance to us, and all of our cases are handled with complete client confidentiality.

Our team is comprised of fully trained and highly qualified agents with International experience.