Employee Investigations

Employee investigations: Sometimes it is necessary for an employer to undertake an investigation into one or more employees:

Employee absenteeism (also known as employee sickness). If you have an employee claiming sick pay, but doubt the legitimacy of this, we are able to use various covert surveillance techniques to provide you with evidence to support or refute ‘unacceptable absenteeism’.

Employee theft, protecting your business from theft is always a priority, but when you suspect that an employee is stealing from your business, this can be extremely difficult to prove. Using hidden technical devices, combined with surveillance and other covert methods, we can unearth the culprit within your staff.

If you’ve come to us to ask the question; Can I?

The answer is yes. It may come as new information to know that legally, as an employer, you are within your rights to hire a private investigator to look into staff if you believe its essential in the protection of your business or assets.

The most common reasons we are approached by businesses to look into their employees are;

  • Unauthorised absences
  • Workplace theft/fraud
  • Background checks
  • Workplace harassment


Annually, British businesses lose more than 137 million working days due to sickness and absenteeism, including fraudulent leave.

Determining justified leave against the common sickie is difficult and a sensitive task. We are working longer and harder than we ever have, burnout is common and mental health in the workplace, rightly so, needs to be valued on par with physical illness. Just because you cannot see the issue, does not mean it isn’t there.

Support and compassion must come first when dealing with employee health, both mental and physical.

This all considered, people do take advantage, and whatever systems are in place, there will be those who will try and work them in their favour. Sick days and persistent absences have a knock on effect, not only financially, but to team cohesion and overall productivity.

Shockingly, statistics state that 95% of businesses will suffer from some form of workplace theft. This can platy out in a number of scenarios, from your “traditional”, fingers in the till kind of behaviour, to harder to trace conducts, like large scale fraud, data theft and the poaching of clients.

Digging deeper, there are often underlying reasons an employee may be deceitful, such as low job satisfaction, an unhealthy workplace culture, or even personal financial problems.

Again, these are areas that require sensitive handling, and if you believe your business is suffering at the hands of employee theft, then a private investigator could be the next step for you in order to validate your suspicions.

If you are an employee with questions, or simply went to know more about how we can help you; All our work is undertaken with absolute discretion, sensitivity and confidentiality.