Compass Investigations has worked in the field of surveillance, with a number of expert agents, both male and female, for many years.

This invaluable knowledge now allows us to conduct surveillance in a manner of efficiency and discreetness and to provide help to our clients on a whole range of services.

This can include but is not specific to:

  • Manned covert cameras or Static surveillance (for example, on property)
  • Digital and technical services (such as audio equipment)
  • Directed surveillance will track the movements and interactions of a person over a period of time.

These methods are used by us time and time again across the fields of investigation, because their outcomes are generally that of indisputable evidence. Whether thats in the case of fraud, workplace theft, or adultery, is up to the client. Surveillance can help capture evidence to prove co-habitation of an ex-partner following a separation or divorce. It can also be used in cases involving vandalism, theft or fly-tipping. There are no bounds to how we can apply these techniques to help your case or query.

When you engage with Compass Investigations, we work with you throughout the whole surveillance process. Quite often the work undertaken can be sensitive or difficult, so maintaining confidentiality is paramount, and contact between us and the client is transparent at all times. Updates are given to the client throughout the process and all full reports, plus any video/audio evidence submitted on completion. All our surveillance in conducted ethically, and within the confines of the law.